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A second later he doubles back. Momentarily surprised by this gutter ball, she changes gears and conjures up a long black arm that hooks around the floating nemesis. A few quick dodges take him lower toward the buildings for an easy escape, but Raven and Starfire waste no time in rejoining the chase. Both are left free-falling past Starfire, who hefts Beast Boy and Cyborg up a bit, and Saico-Tek brings out two shuriken for a little slice-and-dice action. Up come both arms, the fork having been switched for a second knife; they flash back and forth and Cyborg goes flying between the steels-minus his arms and legs, which have been neatly cut into slices.
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Teen Titans "Trouble in Tokyo"

And he was telling us to stay out of trouble. Male, dark blue shirt, black fingerless gloves, and wraparound sunglasses hiding a pair of eyes that are best kept out of sight, judging from the malevolent expression on the rest of the face. Beast Boy is left pale and half senseless amid the muck as Deka-Mido leans in far too close to sniff at him, but a cannon blast from o. Once the revulsion has passed, she unwraps the gum and pops it into her mouth. Pronounced as a portmanteau of "brush" and "shogun.
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Teen Titans "Trouble in Tokyo" | Transcripts Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

As the view clears, Robin drops safely into view, retracting his grapple, and catches sight of the tracks being ripped up. It only looks down at the gaping wound; zoom in slightly as it seals itself in the same way that Saico-Tek grew his arm back in the prologue, one color layer at a time. Now the boss turns to greet the team. Her appeal to his softer side comes to naught when he pushes her fingers away on the next line. The fragment arcs high over the rooftops and is soon lost to sight; just as quickly, the man in pink parries a punch and smashes the now-unarmed Robin away with a sweep of his other arm. The offending arm is seized lickety-split, and the camera pulls back to frame both as Robin hurls Scarface the full length of the room. One very agitated fellow stops next to them.
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Within seconds the cruisers are after him in a howl of sirens and a screech of burning rubber. Certainly, my young friend. Even this strong a bombardment is not enough to stop him; he wheels into a run, but Robin scales a few more discs and scores another hit, near the base of a huge red billboard. Longer shot of the entire group during this line. Two shimmering blue eyes peer out from the lightless form, which has darker glints of this same color around its outline. Long shot of the skyline as it finds its target and explodes with a shock wave strong enough to set every air molecule vibrating, then fade to black.
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